A United Airlines flight en route to Los Angeles from Denver was forced to make an emergency landing in Grand Junction, Colo., when several passengers complained about low cabin pressure shortly after takeoff, causing the pilot to deploy oxygen masks from the plane’s ceiling.

“After receiving reports of multiple ill customers, our crew deployed the oxygen masks and elected to divert to Grand Junction,” Jennifer Dohm, a spokeswoman for United Airlines, told Yahoo News. “Medical personnel met the flight upon arrival, and we’ll fly our passengers on a new aircraft to Los Angeles.”

United passengers posted photos of themselves wearing oxygen masks. (Twitter)

The Airbus A320 carrying 150 passengers and six crew members took off at approximately 8:25 a.m. from Denver International Airport, according to FlightAware.com, landing in Grand Junction just over an hour later.

The aircraft is being inspected “to determine if there were any technical issues,” Dohm added.

Several passengers, including WWE wrestler Sheamus, posted photos of themselves wearing the oxygen masks to social media.

According to a public information officer for the Grand Junction Fire Department, a “medical event” caused a “chain reaction of passengers to feel sick and lightheaded,” leading the pilot to deploy the oxygen masks.

“In the middle of the flight someone passed out,” David Schamis, a passenger on board the flight, explained in an email to Mashable. “The flight attendants were looking for a doctor somewhat frantically. … They then made an announcement that there was an oxygen problem in the cabin, although none of the pilot’s indicators showed any problems. The masks dropped — initially they instructed anyone who wasn’t feeling well to put on the masks, but then they quickly told everyone to put them on.”

Emergency personnel in Grand Junction boarded the plane on the tarmac “with full oxygen suits and masks on,” Schamis added.

One person was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation, the Grand Junction Fire Department said.

Another passenger, Niles Emerick, reported he was “doing just fine. Except my only lunch option at Grand Junction airport was Subway.”


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