Madonna Male Model

Madonna tried to holla at a hot shirtless male model — who’s 33 years younger than her — but proving she’ still got game … we found out the guy’s willing to give her a ride!

The model’s name is Andrea Denver — and his bod is definitely worthy of Madge’s Instagram, which included the caption: “8 pac!! Hell to the yeah!!!” She threw in a bunch of heart emojis too … which might come off as kinda thirsty (this woman no wan old oh) except for the fact Andrea’s totally down.

      madonna-adrea-denver-instagram-4Sources close to Andrea tell says he saw the IG and his reaction was, “I’d definitely go on a date with her.” Taking a page out of Drake’s playbook … we’re told Andrea also gushed the 56-year-old is “really attractive” — and he’s always been a big fan.

Madonna and Andrea have never met, but according to our sources … he’s excited there’s now a chance. He’s hoping she follows through and hooks it up.

As for the fact she could be his mother — we’re told Andrea says age doesn’t scare him.

Oh boy no go die their oooh!


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