We didn’t see this coming, with the much anticipated match between him and Floyd Mayweather u would think all would be about the match but no! Reports gathered says  Manny Pacquiao wants to be PRESIDENT according to his promoter Bob Arum he expects the boxer to run for the top office in the Philippines in the very near future.

“He’s gonna be a president,” Arum told TMZ outside Craig’s in West Hollywood last night.

“He’s gonna run for Senate in the Philippines in 2016 … and then in 2022 or maybe later, he’ll run for President of the Philippines.”

Manny is no stranger to politics … he was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives in 2010 and reportedly filed a handful of bills.

The presidential term in the Philippines in 6 years … so, if he doesn’t run in 2022 … he’d have to wait until 2028, when Manny would be 49 years old.

Before his political ambition, he has a match to win first so.. Good luck … (source TMZ)


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