collage-1428775317169In a live interview today on @ait_online  #NigeriaVotes TV program, Mr Hassan, Deputy Director Public Affairs INEC says the successes recorded Nationwide in Saturday’s gubernatorial election voting process was due to early arrivals of electoral materials and INEC’s hard-hoc staff, the INEC spokes person explained to AIT Repórter stationed inside the situation room of the Election collation centre FCT Abuja how INEC corrected the late arrival of materials by simply resolving issues with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). Mr Hassan of INEC this evening on African Independent Television AIT said that the commission had earlier partnered with the NURTW to ease movement of INEC staff & election materials with 50% Up front payment of the money charged by the Union payed and this had been done before the presidential election. But surprisingly the union came asking for the balance of payment before the task can be carried out efficiently and these led to the lateness of materials and INEC staff during the last Presidential election on March 28. However INEC and NURTW this time had sat down to resolve the MOU signed by both parties and together came out with strategic conclusion which turned out advantageous in the timing of Saturday’s gubernatorial election.


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