Meek mill dragged to court?!

Maybach music group signee Meek mill seems to be on his way to another court sitting, “Meek Mill has driven his car dealer mad … mad enough to demand $250k for slamming his business.

According to the demand letter sent out by Euro Motor Sport, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale … Meek wreaked havoc on his biz with an Instagram last week. The post showed a sweet Lambo Aventador, but included the caption, “Make sure you never buy no cars from #eurosports selling expensive cars with salvaged tittles.”

Courtesy TMZ

Grammar and spelling aside … the dealer says Meek’s IG post is ruining its reputation — especially with celebrity clients. They point out Rick Ross even reposted Meek’s message.

According to Euro Sports owner Gene Morales the beef started when Meek’s manager went to pick up a Rolls Royce Ghost … but still owed $15k on the $200k whip. Things got heated when Morales refused to hand over the keys without payment, and he ended up calling cops.

Cooler heads prevailed though when Morales struck a deal … agreeing to hand off the car for a mere $8,000. You’d think Meek would have been happy, but he still bitched on IG.

Now, Morales wants the quarter of a million bucks to cover the damage to his rep, and he wants Meek to delete the Instagram and apologize. If not … Meek could be facing his second lawsuit in recent days”.(courtesy TMZ)


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