Governor Rochas a Sell out? 


Comments have been pouring in regards to the genocide threat on the igbos living in Lagos by the Oba Of Lagos, Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has thrown his support for the Oba of Lagos, who threatened Igbos residing in Lagos of Death inside Lagoon if they fail to vote the APC Lagos Governorship candidate, Ambode, whom he claimed he hand picked for the position.

Okorocha speaking to the press in Imo state capital, Owerri, after Buhari’s visit defended the Oba of Lagos and pointed out that the Oba of Lagos was not totally wrong in insisting that Igbos must vote Ambode .

“Igbos should not portray themselves as ungrateful people, the only way they can show appreciation is by massively voting for APC the party that has protected their lives and properties over these years. – Okorocha.

“The Lagos state government led by APC has the capacity to make life unbearable for all Igbo traders and resident in Lagos if they so wish.

So you see, the Oba was figurative in his speech not necessarily that Igbos will be drowned in Lagoons” the governor added.

Words has it on the street of Lagos by some Igbos that Governor Rochas is an Igbo man and shouldn’t sell out the truth because of is selfish interest.

During this 2015 elections, the igbo tribe have been the most under fire by political parties.

I wonder what the igbos think of this? Smh


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