Big Sean Avoids Beef with Justin Bieber

The fued between Big Sean and Justin Bieber is over before it even started … or rather it never existed in the first place. “in case U missed the gist” , Justin Bieber joined Ariana Grande for a surprise appearance during her performance at the Forum in Los Angeles, During the duet Justin grabbed Ariana from the back, grinding into her as Big Sean watched from the audience(auch) big sean certainly wasn’t pleased with it and took to twitter to let out his thoughts.

Courtesy TMZ

Well “A rep for Big Sean tells TMZ the tweet going around in which Sean threatened Bieber for laying hands on Ariana Grande during a concert … is a fake.

Courtesy TMZ
Courtesy TMZ

CCKM7seUgAExkC3We’re told Justin and Sean are good friends  … and that he and Ariana are just fine.

Another tweet of Sean’s — “so many times in my life I wish I could of been at 2 places at once” — also sounded like it was about Bieber … but we’re told it had nothing to do with JB, and Sean just misses friends and family while on the road.(courtesy TMZ)”

Interesting denial, when your twitter account is verified and you can’t claim fake account so you claim fake tweet. Smart move.


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