collage-1428595563918Oronto Douglas, the Special Adviser to PresidentGoodluck Jonathan on Research, Documentation and Strategy, is dead.

Oronto Douglas who hails from the Niger delta region of Nigeria passed away on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at the State House hospital in Abuja. He was 48 years old.

The lawyer and environmental activist who served under president Jonathan since his time as the governor of bayelsa state also known as Jonathans confidant, was reportedly diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and is believed to have died from complications relating to the disease.

After a break from the disease, Douglas suffered a relapse in 2011 and on March 18, 2015 was told by doctors in the US that he had just days to live, according to online news platform, The Cable.

“They told him he would die in a matter of days. That was on March 18, 2015. He had to choose between dying in the US and returning to Nigeria. He decided to return home,” a family source told The Cable.

Douglas chose to return home and died three weeks after the doctors’ prognosis was given.

He was said to have been active and in high spirits up until his death at 4:58am on Thursday.

Mr. Douglas came to national and international prominence as an environmental activist on behalf of the oil-producing communities of the Niger Delta. A lawyer by profession, the deceased was born in 1966.

Mr. Douglas continued to work over the last few weeks for Mr. Jonathan’s reelection, with sources saying he was devastated when his principal lost the presidential polls

He is survived by his wife and two young sons



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