The Presidential Election has come and gone with so many lessons to be learnt. A lot went down before, during and after the election. The two major parties APC and PDP both campaigned tirelessly to win the votes of the electorates, even though many may say one party’s campaign strategy added instead of subtracting from the other party’s advantage. After revealing their manifesto to the public, Nigerians voted and a winner has emerged “General Muhammad Buhari of the APC”. The general’s win lead to a nationwide celebration. As the celebrations was about to heat up a surprising thing happened, for the first time in nigeria an incumbent President concedes defeat & immediately congratulates the winner which left people’s mouth unbelievably wide opened, including mine. That single act of a well spirited sport man has earned Mr President Goodluck Jonathan an overwhelming respect from world citizens & leaders. It’s clear worldwide that Goodluck did not only accept defeat but he also saved the lives of Nigerians beforehand if post election violence was giving a head to manifest. The international spectators predicted with so much conviction that our great country Nigerian was going to be involved in post election violence and may even split but to their disappointment that didn’t happen all thanks to God and the selfless leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GEJ. Even the USA intelligence were amazed as non of there predictions on any country has ever fallen short but this time Nigeria  proved them wrong (well there is always a first time for everything… Lol). With that said, let me highlight the Two great, remakeable and historic moments that happened on the 30th of March in Nigeria:

1) The country Nigeria experienced true democracy when Mr President accepted defeat, an act considered by political commentators as giving power back to the people. He had so many reasons to forfeit the results because of the underaged voting in the north but he didn’t, he gave INEC full independence for the first time.  He could have used his veto power to annul the elections like IBB the one time military ruler of Nigeria did decades ago but he didn’t rather he honorably conceded defeat which immediately made him the hero of the political game played so far and his name began to trend worldwide. Some negative minded Nigerians criticized the social media trend #GEJmyhero #GEJourhero & I wondered why?

2) Nigeria, after 16 years is soon to experience a new government from a new party come May 29, now that’s not the only amazing thing, General Muhammad Buhari the president elect has been in this contest for years, from the time of Obasanjo in 2003 to Yaradua in 2007 even against Goodluck Jonathan in 2011 in all 3 attempt he failed but he never gave up like Abraham Lincon in the U.S. a big lesson to learn. I guess the believe that he would one day be given the chance to govern Nigeria again and get an opportunity to wipe “the evil lord” name attached to him when he was the military head of state in 1983 kept him going and brought him this far.

One day when I get the chance to interview him my first question would be the “drive that pushed him to victory”.

Now Nigeria can happily & confidently add the 30th of March to her special calendar as the day Goodluck Ebele Jonathan a man that displayed true and selfless leadership conceded defeat & delivered democracy and the day General Muhammad Buhari a man that showed decades of persistence got his pay day. Permit me to say the worlds evil prophecy over Nigeria has turned her blessing & this impeccable story will surely be taught in Nigerian history classes and generations to come will enjoy learning from it. Nigeria our happy home is blessed. God bless Nigeria.


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